Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Heroes

You may or may not know how obsessed Tate is about Super Heroes. He loves Spiderman, Superman, Batman, the Hulk, even Zorro, and any other super hero you can think of. As much as he loves to play super heroes, he also loves doing projects. Today we combined these two passions in to one activity. We cut up an old sheet, painted it, and Brooke sewed a clasp to keep it around their necks. As you can see, Tate and Bryson loved painting their super hero capes and masks. Once complete, the boys put on their newly decorated super hero attire and ran around the back yard as fast as they could.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Powell Trip

This past week we went to Lake Powell with the Heath Family. We had a great time. The weather was very pleasant especially considering it was the end of June. For the first five days we had two house boats, two ski boats, two jet skiis, and 27 little kids. It was chaos. Tate and Bryson loved it and played every day until exhaustion. We swam, we played in the sand, we rode a zip line, we slid down slides, we ate more than we should, we tubed, we rode the paddle boat around, we rode the jet skiis, we explored indian ruins, and Bryson even water skied for the first time (not bad for a two year old!).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little League Soccer

The soccer season has begun for Tate and Bryson. They are both on the same team - The Bees. Tate played soccer last year as a 3-year old and has been very excited to play again. Bryson was only one last year and couldn't play, despite his eagerness. Although Bryson is only two years old he is playing up with the 3 and 4 year olds so he can play with his brother. The night we brought home the uniforms, Bryson and Tate wore them proudly and Bryson cried histerically when we forced him to take it off to get ready for bed. Tyler is coaching and we have played three games so far. They both love it and look forward to Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings when they play their games. Tate is more in to it this year and Bryson refuses to sub out of the game. They are having a lot of fun, especially since their cousin Bo is also on the team.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Days of Spring!

Well, this week has been so beautiful. We have definitely taken advantage of the warm weather. Last Tuesday we went to the park and played. On Thursday we went to the zoo with grandma T.T., Jamie, Taylor, Lindsay, and Allie. It was a nice day and the animals were all very active. We even got to see the black bears wrestle! Tate and Bryson rode on the carousel and the train. It was especially fun to see Bryson so excited. Last year he was too young to really get excited, but this year I loved seeing his face just light up as he rode! On Friday we went to Wheeler Farm with Karen, Easton, and Kallie Reid. The boys had a great time just running around. We fed the ducks and went on a wagon ride. Then on Saturday we took the kids to the park to fly a kite. It was so much fun! They each got their own kite that they flew! Can you guess what kind of kite that Tate picked? They loved it!

As you probably could have guessed.....This is Tate's kite!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The "Yummy Spree"

So yesterday while Tate was at preschool, I ran a few errands with Bryson. When we got in the car, Bryson had found a Spree candy on the floor (yummy!). To tell you the truth I am not sure where it came from because I didn't buy any sprees. So Bryson put it in his mouth and I buckled him in the carseat and we were off. While we were in the car, Bryson was trying to tell me that the Spree was gone. I asked him if he ate it all gone, but he kept saying something about his nose. I then asked him if he had a runny nose and if he needed a tissue, but I didn't have a tissue with me. I tried looking up his nose because I thought maybe he was trying to tell me that he had a bloody nose. I didn't see anything in his nose. To make a long story, short-Bryson had put the spree in his nose!!! Oh my gosh! Luckily he blew it out! It had to have been up there pretty far because I had looked up into it and didn't see anything! That couldn't have felt good considering Sprees are sour! Bryson is still experimenting apparently. I think he will be a child that will always experiment like when he experimented with the shower drain and got his tiny little finger stuck and had to get stitches! He definitely keeps me on my toes!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Fever

Well, I have not written in quite awhile. I guess I should summarize what has been going on with us. Bryson has been learning to talk this past month. He says the cutest things. He went from only knowing a couple of words to now saying full sentences. My little baby is growing up! Tate and Bryson have become even better friends and maybe it is because they can finally communicate with one another. They LOVE to wrestle before bed with dad. They get on their superhero costumes and then go tackle Tyler. They love it!

This past weekend we've been hit really hard with Spring fever. The weather has been so nice that we've all been outside playing. Tate and Bryson go in and out of the house playing. They both love to play sports. They play baseball, soccer, Frisbee, and basketball. Bryson's favorite toy is a full size basketball that he dribbles all over the house. He made us take it to church today. We drew the line at leaving it in the car, though.

Yesterday we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade at the Gateway Mall. We've gone the last few years and the kids look forward to it. They are mostly concerned with getting free candy, but they also like to watch the floats and all the interesting people. Is it weird that we go to the parade every year and we're not Irish, Catholic, Democrat, nor do we drink beer? But, we like it. The kids have fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tate's 4th Birthday

Tate turned four years old on January 5th.... finally. He had been talking about his birthday for months and the day at last arrived. He counted down the "wake ups" until he would finally wake up to his birthday. His birthday actually lasted three days, kind of like Mardi Gras. On Saturday he had a Spiderman birthday party with 8 friends - "no girls allowed." The boys ate Spiderman cupcakes, wore Spiderman masks, and played Spiderman games. Tate is obsessed with superheroes. On Sunday we went to Grandma Susan's house for another party. And then on Monday he had a party at school with his preschool and then another party that evening at our house with the Tate family. We are exhausted from his birthday and are happy we get a break from birthdays for a while. He loved his many gifts. Tate is loved by so many people. We love to see Tate happy and excited about his special day. We can't believe how fast he has grown. I wish he would stay little forever.